Kitchen Renovation Project

Kitchen Renovation Project

The St. Andrew Armenian Church’s kitchen has been an indispensable asset for our community for 27 years

The kitchen has enabled us to bring tens of thousands of members of our community together, host dozens of successful food festivals, host hundreds of religious and cultural events and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. Time has come to renovate our kitchen to remedy its serious deficiencies and improve its efficacy.

A renovated kitchen makes the Amerian Hall far more appealing to rent and can be a major source of revenue.

  • It is our plan to renovate the kitchen in the first quarter of 2020
  • The project will cost $150k and will take three months to complete
  • We are relying on your generous donation to finance this project

Operational efficiency, sanitation, and safety risks must be addressed

The kitchen has several deficiencies that can have serious repercussions for user safety and food sanitation. Insufficient ventilation causes breathing difficulties and unbearable heat during festivals. The electrical system suffers repeated blown circuit breakers and dimming/flickering lights. Frequent plumbing and roof leakages create hazardous slippery floors and expose open containers and trays to dripping water.

In addition, overall operational efficiency is lacking in several areas. Enclosed storage is severely limited leaving trays, pots, and containers piled up in the open. The dishwashing station is dysfunctional due to a broken dishwasher, small sinks, no garbage disposal, and frequently clogged drains. And without an enclosed garbage shoot, the bins are exposed limiting easy movement through the space.

The kitchen has been an indispensable asset and has served us extremely well

Five-year statistics on kitchen usage

The project will cost approximately $150k

Once the renovation is started, it will take three months to complete

Here are some renders for the future kitchen:

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For donation information, please call: (408) 257-6743